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CoroCoro officially reveals Hoopa Unbound

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In the upcoming {{bp|M18|18th movie}}, a Hoopa in its alternate form will make an appearance under the name of 超フーパ (''SuperHoopa''), while {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Ash}} will befriend a Hoopa in its primary form.
Additionally, details on the Legendary Pokémon distribution for Japanese region {{bp|Generation VI}} games has been announced. Players who preordertake tickets for the 18th movie to certain stores can usereceive a serial code, which they can use onin their ticketgame to receive one of six {{bp|Legendary Pokémon}}, all at {{bp|level}} 100:. These Pokémon can be obtained from June 20 to August 31, 2015.
*{{bp|Dialga}} with the moves {{m4|Metal Burst|Overheat|Roar of Time|Flash Cannon}} and holding an {{bp|Adamant Orb}}