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CoroCoro officially reveals Hoopa Unbound

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*{{bp|Palkia}} with the moves {{m4|Earth Power|Aura Sphere|Spacial Rend|Hydro Pump}} and holding a {{bp|Lustrous Orb}}
*{{bp|Giratina}} with the moves {{m4|Aura Sphere|Draco Meteor|Shadow Force|Iron Head}} and holding a {{bp|Griseous Orb}}
*{{bp|Groudon}} with the moves {{m4|Fire Punch|Solar Beam|Arm Hammer Arm|Rock Slide}} and holding a {{bp|Choice Band}}
*{{bp|Kyogre}} with the moves {{m4|Water Spout|Thunder|Sheer Cold|Ice Beam}} and holding a {{bp|Choice Scarf}}
*{{bp|Kyurem}} with the moves {{m4|Glaciate|Scary Face|Draco Meteor|Iron head}} and holding a {{bp|Life Orb}}