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'Pokémon the Series: XY' debuts in India

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blurb=The first two episodes of Pokémon the Series: XY premiered May 9 on Hungama TV. }}
{{ud}} The channel later announced that the whole season will air during the weekend time-slot, with older episodes continuing during weekday time-slots.
[[File:Pokémon the Series XY poster 2.png|thumb|175px|right|Pokémon the Series: XY]]
After almost a year since the anime's launch on {{wp|Hungama TV}}, the network introduced the Indian audience to the {{series|XY|current series}} of the Pokémon anime. Without any prior announcements, the first two episodes of {{bp|S17|Pokémon the Series: XY}}, ''{{bp|XY001|Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin}}'' and ''{{bp|XY002|Lumiose City Pursuit}}'' debuted on the channel during the rerun slots for the series. While Nachiket Dighe has confirmed that the season will air in full on the network, it is yet to be confirmed if Hungama will continue airing the respective season on a weekly basis, or if the episodes were a part of the special preview, similar to their treatment on Cartoon Network (US).
With {{bp|S01|Pokémon: Indigo League}}, the anime made its Indian debut in 2003 on {{wp|Cartoon Network (India)|the Indian feed of Cartoon Network}}. Having aired up to [[bp:S11|Pokémon: DP Battle Dimension]], the anime was then shifted to its sister channel, {{wp|Pogo TV}}, in 2011. {{bp|S14|Pokémon: Black and White}} was the last new season that made its way on the respective network. In early 2014, the rights for the earlier seasons of the anime were acquired by Hungama TV, which started {{bp|S01|Pokémon: Indigo League}} with a new voice cast. Hungama TV currently airs {{bp|S05|Pokémon Master Quest}}.
For more info about the Pokémon franchise in the Indian subcontinent, yousee canthe referBulbapedia toarticle {{bp|Pokémon in South Asia}}.