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Gotta Meme 'em All: A Tale of Two Youngsters

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{{quote|''Oh yeah, I saw a wild <<sc>Pokémon</sc>>! I thought about going for it, but I decided to work with my one-and-only right to the extreme end.''|Youngster Joey|Youngster Joey, Pokémon Crystal|cat=no}}
{{quote|''How are your <sc>Pokémon</sc> doing? My <sc>Rattata</sc>'s raring to go, just like always. It's the only one I have. I'm going to become a great trainer with it!''|Youngster Joey|Youngster Joey, Pokémon Crystal|cat=no}}}}
{{quote|''Remember my super cool <sc>Rattata</sc>? My <sc>Rattata</sc> is different from regular <sc>Rattata</sc>. It’s like my <sc>Rattata</sc> is in the top percentage of all <sc>Rattata</sc>.''|Youngster Joey|Youngster Joey, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver|cat=no}}}}
Although Joey did not attract significant attention in the Pokémon fandom initially, the announcement of Gold and Silver remakes in 2010 caused fans to look back at the {{bp|Generation II}} titles. Talk of Youngster Joey began to appear on the internet in March of that year, with the earliest known use being on a [ Neoseeker thread complaining about how irritating NPCs are].
Youngster Ben is a trainer locatated on {{bp|Kanto Route 3}} in {{bp|Pokémon Red and Blue Versions}} and {{bp|Pokémon Yellow Version}}, as well as {{bp|Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions}}. He did not have a name in {{bp|Generation I}}, being referred to only as a Youngster, and was given the name in the {{bp|Generation III}} remakes. Unlike Youngster Joey, Ben is only fought once and is just a normal trainer on Route 3, but he has become an icon in the Pokémon franchise because of what he says before he battles you.
{{quote|''Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!''|Youngster Ben|cat=no}}}}
This one line from an NPC even less significant than Youngster Joey became very popular in the Pokémon fandom due to the sheer absurdity of it. It is not something that one would say to leave a good first impression. Although for some it became mimetic because of how it is the perfect example of why NPCs are an irritating bother, others are inspired by him for saying what he wants to say, for proudly declaring his love for the liberating male apparel. (In the opinion of this columnist, who wears shorts 365 days a year, they are rather comfortable.) But no matter how one looks at it, this quote gained immense popularity in the Pokémon community, popularity it still has today, along with Youngster Joey.
image2=I Like Shorts Super Effective.gifpng|