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While it [[New Nintendo 3DS to be released in South Korea|was previously announced]] that Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS would be released in South Korea this year, the exact release date was not known; the other two products had not been previously announced for a Korean release. The game will retail for ₩49,000.
The first wave of amiibo will be {{smw|Mario}}, {{smw|Peach}}, {{smw|Yoshi}}, {{dkw|Donkey Kong}}, {{p|Pikachu}}, {{zw|Link}}, {{smw|Bowser}}, and {{smw|Luigi}}. This is the same as the first wave of amiibo in Japan, Norththe AmericaAmericas, Europe and Australia. Each amiibo will cost ₩14,000.
Additionally, a bundle of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and a Pikachu amiibo will be available at launch. This bundle will retail for ₩58,000. (Pikachu is the only amiibo that will be available as part of a bundle.)