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The official YouTube channel of Pokémon Japan has released two new commercials for the upcoming TCG expansion, Blue Shock • Red Flash. These two sub sets, that are set for a September 26 release in Japan, make up the eighth Japanese expansion of the XY Era. Blue Shock features Mega {{p|Mewtwo}} X and Red Flash features Mega Mewtwo Y.
This expansion brings a new mechanic to the table, known as PokémonBREAKPokémon BREAK. Similar to the {{TCG|Pokémon LV.X}} mechanic that made its debut in {{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}} (Space-Time Creation in Japan) and was retired after {{TCG|Platinum: Arceus|Arceus}} (Advent of Arceus), PokémonBREAKPokémon BREAK is a special type of evolution that gives Pokémon new moves while letting them keep their old ones. Unlike Pokémon LV.X, PokémonBREAKPokémon BREAK cards are placed horizontally over the Pokémon they evolve from, covering only the illustration, while keeping the Pokémon's old attacks, Ability (if any), Weakness, Resistance, and Retreat Cost visible.
====BREAK Evolution Rule:====