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It's not a serial code distribution :P
{{Shiny}} {{p|Rayquaza}} is now available via {{bp|Nintendo Network}} for American region games. This Rayquaza is identical to [[Shiny Rayquaza codes available at EB Games stores in Australia|the one currently available by serial code in Australia]].
This Rayquaza is {{bp|level}} 70, holds a {{bp|Dragon Fang}}, has the Ability {{a|Air Lock}} and a random {{bp|Nature}}, has a {{bp|Classic Ribbon}}, and knows the moves {{m4|Dragon Ascent|Dragon Claw|Extreme Speed|Dragon Dance}}. Its {{bp|original Trainer}} is Galileo, and its {{bp|Trainer ID number}} is 08055. Codes It can only be redeemedobtained in {{bp|Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}.
This distribution is currently available, but has not yet been officially announced; as such, the end date of the distribution is unknown.