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New game Pokémon GO announced for iPhone, Android

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blurb=''Pokémon GO'' to arrive on iOSiPhone and Android devices in 2016. }}
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In{{ud|2}} aA Niconico[ livestream,promotional theIngress newvideo] multiplayerhas location-basedrevealed Pokémonthat gamea closed beta for ''Pokémon GO'' waswill announcedrun in Northern Hemisphere winter 2016. ''PokémonIt GO''also willspecified bethat releasedthe forgame {{wp|iPhone}}will andrelease {{wp|Androidin early 2016 (operatingprevious system)|Android}}material devicesonly inspecified 2016).
{{ud}} This article previously stated that the game uses {{wp|augmented reality}}. This has not yet been officially announced; the augmented reality was mistakenly inferred from the non-gameplay trailer.
In a press conference, a new multiplayer location-based Pokémon game, ''{{bp|Pokémon GO}}'', was announced. ''Pokémon GO'' will be released for {{wp|iPhone}} and {{wp|Android (operating system)|Android}} devices in early 2016.
The game is a collaboration between {{bp|The Pokémon Company}}, {{bp|Nintendo}} and {{wp|Niantic Labs}}. The developer, {{wp|Niantic Labs}}, recently became independent from {{wp|Google}}. Among other projects, Niantic is best known for {{wp|Ingress}}, a popular {{wp|augmented reality}}-based smartphone game. {{bp|Junichi Masuda}} is involved in working on the setting, design and music for the game; in addition, he is also planning to link ''Pokémon GO'' with the main series Pokémon games.
File:Pokemon GO Plus wstrap 1.png|Pokémon GO Plus wrist strap
File:Pokemon GO Plus wstrap 2.png|Pokémon GO Plus accessory
File:Pokémon GO iPhone.jpg|In-game screenshot on an iPhone
In the past, the Pokémon video game series has used real world locations like the Hokkaido and Kanto regions of Japan, as well as New York and Paris, as inspiration for its fantasy settings. In Pokémon GO, players will be able to catch, trade, and battle in the real world by utilizing location information. Pokémon GO’s gameplay experience goes beyond what appears on screen as players explore their neighborhoods, communities and the world they live in to discover Pokémon alongside friends and other players. Junichi Masuda, game director of the Pokémon video game series at GAME FREAK inc. will be contributing to the project. His involvement will ensure that the fun of Pokémon makes its way into Pokémon GO, while developing new types of gameplay and thinking of ways to connect this project with the main series of Pokémon video games. In-app purchases will be available in Pokémon GO.|The Pokémon Company}}
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