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New game Pokémon GO announced for iPhone, Android

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{{ud}} This article previously stated that the game uses {{wp|augmented reality}}. This has not yet been officially announced; the augmented reality was mistakenly inferred from the non-gameplay trailer.
In a press conference, a new multiplayer location-based Pokémon game, ''{{bp|Pokémon GO}}'', was announced. ''Pokémon GO'' will be released for {{wp|iPhone}} and {{wp|Android (operating system)|Android}} devices in 2016.
The game is a collaboration between {{bp|The Pokémon Company}}, {{bp|Nintendo}} and {{wp|Niantic Labs}}. The developer, {{wp|Niantic Labs}}, recently became independent from {{wp|Google}}. Among other projects, Niantic is best known for {{wp|Ingress}}, a popular {{wp|augmented reality}}-based smartphone game. {{bp|Junichi Masuda}} is involved in working on the setting, design and music for the game; in addition, he is also planning to link ''Pokémon GO'' with the main series Pokémon games.