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Rankings will be announced some time in November. Participants may only use {{bp|Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}} for this tournament. Pokémon used in this tournament may not use {{bp|Mega Stones}}. Pokémon transferred from the {{bp|Pokémon Black and White Versions|Pokémon Black and White}} and {{bp|Pokémon Black and White Versions 2|Pokémon Black 2 and White 2}} games cannot be used.
4-56 Pokémon must be registered in the Battle Box on the PC. All Pokémon will be automatically set to level 50 for the competition. Four of the six Pokémon will be used per battle. Each battle will last a maximum of 2045 battles. Players will have 90 seconds to choose their 4 Pokémon for battle. There will be 60 seconds for players to decide what move to use or to switch to another Pokémon. Participants can battle 15 times per day for a maximum of 45 battles. The Spooky Cup is a {{bp|Double Battle}}s tournament.
Only the following Pokémon may be used for this competition. These Pokémon are considered scariest to the people who chose them for the rules. -