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tagline=Serial codes to be available in Japan. |
blurb=Serial codes available at different periods to promote XY & Z Anime. }}

A shiny {{p|Xerneas}}, shiny {{p|Yveltal}} and normal {{p|Zygarde}} will be distributed via serial code in Japan to promote the new anime series {{bp|XY series|'XY & Z'}}. From October 29, the shiny Xerneas will be available with the moves {{m|Geomacy}}, {{m|Moonblast}}, {{m|Aromatherapy}} and {{m|Focus Blast}}. From November 5th, the shiny Yveltal will be available with the moves {{m|Oblivion Wing}}, {{m|Sucker Punch}}, {{m|Dark Pulse}} and {{m|Foul Play}}. Additionally, a currently normal Zygarde will be available from November 12th with the moves {{m|Land's Wrath}}, {{m|Extreme Speed}}, {{m|Glare}} and {{m|Outrage}}. There is currently nothing special about this Zygarde.
These {{bp|Pokémon}} will be available in both {{game|X, Y}}, {{game|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}.