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BREAKthrough available via Premium Collections

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The BREAKthrough expansion is now available in many retail stores via the Mega Blaziken-EX and Mega Swampert-EX Premium Collections. Each Collection comes with 2 packs from BREAKthrough, and retails for $49.99. As the expansion is not official released until November 4, 2015, Bulbanews is attempting to compile images of all 164 cards in the expansion. Below are images of over 60 of the new cards courtesy of Dennis L. and Jessica H.
If you've purchased the Premium Collections, and acquire any cards that we do not yet have pictures of, please feel free to get in touch with [ BulbanewsNow on Twitter] or e-mail [email protected]. We'd love to feature any donated images here so that the community can know what's coming ahead in the BREAKthrough expansion.
==Card images==