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tagline=ToAvailable be sold inat McDonald's restaurants starting on October 14nationwide |
blurb=Toys and exclusive cards will beare available in France as part of the Happy Meal menu in McDonald's restaurants, starting on October 14, 2015.
At least 4 toys, and reportedly 12 cards should beare available. }}
[[File:2015 McDonalds France toys.png|thumb|2015 French McDonald's toys]]
Toys and exclusive cards are available in France as part of the {{wp|Happy Meal}} menu in {{wp|McDonald's}} restaurants, starting on October 14, 2015.
MoreFour thannew seventeencollectible monthstoys afterand {{wp|Pokémon}}12 toys andTCG cards werewill madebe available in {{wp|Happy Meal}} menusfor at {{wp|McDonald's}}least restaurantsfour inweeks. FranceThe on [[McDonald's Promotion to start April 2 in France|April 2, 2014]], four new collectablePokémon toys will be available in thoseare menusintended (for boys, while girls willthere haveare {{wp|My Little Pony}} toys), starting on October 14intended for at least four weeksgirls.
OneWith each order, one of twelve TCG cards amongin anthe McDonald's Collection exclusive2015 series is also given away with each menu. (inHowever, all of the seriescards order):have been printed in other recent {{bp|List of Pokémon Trading Card Game expansions|Pokémon Trading Card Game expansions}}.
* {{p|Treecko}},
* {{p|Lotad}},
* {{p|Torchic}},
* {{p|Staryu}},
* {{p|Mudkip}},
* {{p|Pikachu}},
* {{p|Electrike}},
* {{p|Rhyhorn}},
* {{p|Meditite}},
* {{p|Marill}},
* {{p|Zigzagoon}},
* {{p|Skitty}}.
However, most cards in the series have already been commonly edited in one of the latest {{bp|List of Pokémon Trading Card Game expansions|expansions}}.
The fourfollowing toyscards announcedare onavailable [ French McDonald's Francerestaurants website] depict(in the threeseries {{bp|Kalos}} {{bp|Starter Pokémon|starters}} ({{p|Froakie}}, {{p|Fennekin}} and {{p|Chespin}}order) and {{p|Pikachu}}. They are shown on [ this image from the McDonald's France website].
* {{TCG ID|XY Promo|Treecko|36}}
* {{TCG ID|Primal Clash|Lotad|10}}
* {{TCG ID|XY Promo|Torchic|37}}
* {{TCG ID|Primal Clash|Staryu|32}}
* {{TCG ID|XY Promo|Mudkip|38}}
* {{TCG ID|Roaring Skies|Pikachu|20}}
* {{TCG ID|Primal Clash|Electrike|59}}
* {{TCG ID|Primal Clash|Rhyhorn|74}}
* {{TCG ID|Primal Clash|Meditite|79}}
* {{TCG ID|Primal Clash|Marill|102}}
* {{TCG ID|Primal Clash|Zigzagoon|111}}
* {{TCG ID|Primal Clash|Skitty|113}}
==The Sourcesfour ==toys announced on [ McDonald's France website] depict the three {{bp|Kalos}} {{bp|starter Pokémon}} ({{p|Froakie}}, {{p|Fennekin}} and {{p|Chespin}}) and {{p|Pikachu}}.
*This promotion comes more than seventeen months after {{wp|Pokémon}} toys and cards were made available in Happy Meal menus at '''McDonald's restaurants in France''' (on [[McDonald's])Promotion forto thestart collectibleApril toys2 in France|April 2, 2014]].
* '''CartaZone''' ([]) for the list of cards (second half of the linked page).
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