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Secrets about the Machop evolution family officially revealed

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tagline=Official Japanese fan site launches profile mini-site with some secrets about the Superpower Pokémon |
blurb=The Pokémon Daisuki Club profiles all three Superpower Pokémon, including Machamp, with the launch of Break Out! Machamp Gym in honor of the franchise's 20th Anniversary next year. }}
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[[File:066Machop Dream.png|left|200px|thumb|Machop]][[File:067Machoke Dream.png|right|200px|thumb|Machoke]]Recently, the {{bp|Pokémon Daisuki Club}} has launched the Break Out! Machamp Gym profile site to commemorate the Pokémon franchise's 20th Anniversary next year. The site not only profiles all three Superpower Pokémon ({{bp|Machop (Pokémon)|Machop}}, {{bp|Machoke (Pokémon)|Machoke}} and {{bp|Machamp (Pokémon)|Machamp}}), but the site also reveals some secrets of the evolution family as well.

Osamu, a member of the Gym, reveals that while Machop, Machoke and Machamp can spend their time in battles, they can also spend some time helping trainers work out. As shown in {{bp|Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions|Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire}} (and their remakes, {{bp|Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}), they can also help with moving a family from one house to another. They are also capable of lifting heavy objects for warehouse projects and construction. Plus, they can escort hosts (including their trainers), and are modest with the women. And they can entertain trainers on special occasions, including birthdays.

[[File:068Machamp Dream.png|400px|right|thumb|Machamp]]Sayaka, another member of the Gym, not only informs us what we already know in their Pokédex entries (like how the belt around Machoke and Machamp's waists regulate their strengths), but also reveals some secrets about the three Superpower Pokémon, despite the facts that they share a rival relationship with the {{bp|Timburr (Pokémon)|Timburr}} evolution family, that they compare the {{bp|Geodude (Pokémon)|Geodude}} evolution family to dumbbells, and that they share the same moving experience with {{bp|Vigoroth (Pokémon)|Vigoroth}}. What looks like a belt and a girdle that Machoke and Machamp are shown with is actually a natural skin marking. Plus, while some trainers can't tell the difference between males and females, they might take a closer look at the gender difference. And finally, while their {{bp|Shiny Pokémon|shiny forms}} resemble that they've been tanning, they're still pretty valuable.
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