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Bulbagarden launches seventh annual Christmas Contests

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This year's contests are...
* '''[ 12 Days of Christmas Trivia]''': 12 days of tricky trivia to test your knowledge of the Pokémon franchise (or at the very least, your ability to search for things on Bulbapedia)
* '''[ Rapidash Trivia]''': A battle of wits and speed as you test your knowledge of the Pokémon franchise in a real time contest where only the fastest will win!
* '''[ A Long Winter's Path - Holiday Scavenger Hunt]''': The Bulbagarden scavenger hunt returns for another year. A trail of riddles will lead you on a journey through all of Bulbagarden.
* '''[ Holiday Writing Challenge]''': Budding writers can sink their pens into this set of 3 holiday themed short writing challenges. Don't worry if you're not that eloquent, this contest is about your ideas and not just your prose.
* '''[ Holiday Art Challenge]''': Artists, we've got 3 holiday themed challenges for you to pour some holiday spirit into. Have trouble coloring between the lines? Not a problem, this contest tests your creative flair and not just your steady hand.
Links will be added to the above list as the contest threads open in the Bulbagarden forums over the coming days.
In addition to our contests, we will also be conducting a special 12 Days of Wonder Trade on the [ @BulbaTrade Twitter] channel, starting on December 12th. [ More details willcan be postedfound about thison eventour laterforums].
Any questions about specific contests should be directed to the respective Bulbagarden Forums threads. More general questions can be asked [ in the contest announcement thread].