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Pokémon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow limited editions announced

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blurb=To correspond with the release of the first generation games on the Virtual Console, Japan are getting limited edition Nintendo 2DS bundles. Each bundle contains a transparent Nintendo 2DS's with the corresponding game and theme, Town Map, sticker set and Mew serial card code. }}

[[File:RGBY Nintendo 2DS theme.png|centre|Nintendo 2DS themes exclusive to the consoles]]

To promote the re-releases of the {{bp|Generation I}} games, Nintendo Japan are releasing limited edition Transparent Nintendo 2DS's bundles. These bundles will be released February 27th, 2016 and are currently available for preorder for 9,980¥. Despite the Nintendo 2DS being released over two years ago in most countries, this will be the first time the console has been released within Japan. The Pokémon Blue bundle is exclusively available in Pokémon Center stores, and will come with a CD featuring the Pokémon cries.

These designs will be exclusively bundled for preorders, and each will come with the Generation I games of the related colour, an exclusive Nintendo 2DS theme, a collectible Kanto region Town Map, a sticker set based on the game mascot, and serial code card for {{p|Mew}} redeemable in both the Generation I game and a copy of the {{bp|Generation VI}} games.

Nintendo 2DS Transparent Red Box Red.png|Box cover for Nintendo 2DS Transparent Red
Nintendo 2DS Transparent Green Box Green.png|Box cover for Nintendo 2DS Transparent Green
Nintendo 2DS Transparent Blue Box Blue.png|Box cover for Nintendo 2DS Transparent Blue
Nintendo 2DS Transparent Yellow Box Yellow.png|Box cover for Nintendo 2DS Transparent Yellow
Nintendo 2DS Transparent Red Front LE.png|Nintendo 2DS Transparent Red's front
Nintendo 2DS Transparent Green Front.png|Nintendo 2DS Transparent Green's front
Nintendo 2DS Transparent Blue Front LE.png|Nintendo 2DS Transparent Blue's front
Nintendo 2DS Transparent Yellow Front.png|Nintendo 2DS Transparent Yellow's front
Red Preorder Set.jpg|Complete Nintendo 2DS Red bundle
Green Preorder Set.jpg|Complete Nintendo 2DS Green bundle
Blue Preorder Set.jpg|Complete Nintendo 2DS Blue Bundle
Yellow Preorder Set.jpg|Complete Nintendo 2DS Yellow Bundle
Red Stickers Preorder.png|Red sticker collection
RGBY Preorder Mew code.png|Mew serial code cards
Pokémon RGBY Virtual Console Kanto map.png|Collectible Kanto region map