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tagline=Coming February 9th, 2016 |
blurb=For the first time ever in Region 1A, Viz Media, in partnership with Warner Home Video, will release the English dubs of the first three Pokémon movies on Blu-ray disc in a limited edition triple feature Steelbook pack. }}
TheFor the first threetime ever in {{bpwp|PokémonBlu-ray#Region moviescodes|Region A}} of the, {{bpwp|PokémonViz animeMedia}}, havein undergonepartnership awith remastering{{wp|Warner forHome aVideo}}, Blu-ray discwill release thatthe isEnglish set for a release datedubs of Februarythe 9,first 2016 inthree {{wpbp|Pokémon movies}} on Blu-ray#Region codes|Regiondisc A}}in a limited edition triple feature Steelbook pack.
{{wp|VizThe Media}}set willis releasescheduled thefor setrelease on behalfFebruary of9, {{wp|Warner Home Video}}2016, whoseaccording parentto {{wp|Warnerand BrosBlu-ray.}} holds exclusive rights to the English dubs of the first three movies outside Japancom.
The limited edition Steelbook set will include a lossy 2.0 Stereo track of the {{wp|4Kids Entertainment}} dub of the movies, presented in 16:9 widescreen. The set reportedly excludes the special features from the original DVD releases of the movies from Warner Home Video. It is unknown whether or not the {{bp|Pikachu short}}s from all three of the movies will be retained in the set.