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[[File:Pokemon_the_first_movie.jpg|right|100px|Theatrical poster for the first Pokemon movie]] [[File:P2kposter.jpg|right|337px100px|Theatrical poster for the second Pokemon movie]] [[File:SpellOfTheUnown poster.jpg|right|337px100px|Theatrical poster for the third Pokemon movie]]
For the first time ever in {{wp|Blu-ray#Region codes|Region A}}, {{wp|Viz Media}}, in partnership with {{wp|Warner Home Video}}, will release the English dubs of the first three {{bp|Pokémon movies}} on Blu-ray disc in a limited edition triple feature Steelbook pack.
The limited edition Steelbook set will include a lossy 2.0 Stereo track of the {{wp|4Kids Entertainment}} dub of the movies, presented in 16:9 widescreen. This is in contrast to the original Warner DVD releases, which presented the movies in 4:3 format. The set reportedly excludes the special features from the Warner DVDs, and it is unknown whether or not the {{bp|Pikachu short}}s from all three of the movies will be retained in the set.
Prior to the announcement of the new set, the movies had become increasingly rare to come across. For example, prices for the original DVD release of the first movie was listed on [[ reached as high as $115.97]] as of December 30, 2015.
The set is available to pre-order on {{wp|}} as of December 16th.