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2010 Pokémon Video Game Championship website opens

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[[File:Video_Game_Championships_logo.png|thumb|Pokémon VGC Logo]]
The Official site for the {{bp|2010 Pokémon Video Game Championships|2010 World Championships}} opened today. The locations, dates, and rules for the U.S., and European regional events have been revealed. The site also reveals that a {{bp|List of Nintendo event Pokémon in 2010#TCG World Championships 2010 Eevee|Shiny Eevee}} will be available for attendees to download, much like the {{bp|List of Nintendo event Pokémon in 2009#US Video Game Championships 2009 Milotic|Shiny Milotic}} offered during the 2009 regionals.
* [ Pokémon VGC Website]
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