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20th anniversary Mew distributions announced for Europe

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In the Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Mew codes will be available at GameStop stores from Feb. 4 to 24, 2016. Additionally, Pokémon TCG: ''Mythical Pokémon Collection—Mew'' will be available in Germany on Feb. 24, 2016.
In all of these countries, a line of Mew merchandise will be exclusively available at these retailers, including a plush, a Mew figurine with {{bp|Great Ball}} from {{wp|Tomy|TOMY}}, and an exclusive T-shirt designed by {{wp|[ BIOWORLD Europe}}].
This distribution is the first of the [[Mythical Pokémon to be distributed throughout 2016|Mythical Pokémon distributions]] being held to promote the {{bp|Pokémon 20th Anniversary}}. A different Pokémon will be distributed during each month this year (except January). All of the distributions are confirmed for Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia, but only the United States has details for all the distributions.
In the United States distribution, the majority will be online, with one every 4 months being an in-store code distribution.