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20th anniversary Mew distributions announced for Europe

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{{ud}} Details on a distribution in Spain have also been announced.
[[File:20th Anniversary Mew.png|thumb|20th anniversary Mew artwork]]
The {{bp|Pokémon 20th Anniversary|20th anniversary}} {{p|Mew}} will be distributed via serial code at retailers in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Spain. The codes will all be valid until May 31, 2016.
In the United Kingdom, Mew codes will be available at {{wp|Game (retailer)|GAME}} stores from Feb. 1 to 28, 2016 on receipts that can be obtained free of charge. Additionally, Pokémon TCG: ''Mythical Pokémon Collection—Mew'' will be available in the UK on Feb. 22, 2016. (This is the first of the Mythical Pokémon Collections designed to celebrate Pokémon's milestone year.)
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