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The {{p|Mew}} will be available via trade. Players are advised to catch a Pokémon on an early route, such as {{p|Pidgey}} or {{p|Rattata}}, to trade for the Mew, as they will be unable to get the traded Pokémon back.
Players can obtain their Mew from March 19 to May 8, 2016 at participating {{jwp|イオン (企業)|ÆON}}, {{jwp|イオン (店舗ブランド)|ÆON STYLE}}, {{jwp|イオンスーパーセンター|ÆON SUPERCENTER}}, AEON Retail Stores, {{wp|Culture Convenience Club|Game TSUTAYA}}, {{wp|Toys "R" Us}}, Pokémon Stores, and all {{OBP|Pokémon Center|store}} stores in Japan. They must present their exchange ticket to obtain it, which will be returned afterward.
Each ticket can strictly only be used to obtain Mew once.
As previously announced, to obtain the exchange ticket, players must purchase one of the four special edition Pokémon {{bp|Nintendo 2DS}} bundles in Japan. These bundles include a Nintendo 2DS, a pre-installed Generation I core series game of the corresponding color, an exclusive Nintendo 3DS Home theme, a collectible Kanto region Town Map, a sticker set based on the game mascot, the exchange ticket, and a serial code for Mew redeemable in one of the {{bp|Generation VI}} games.