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blurb=Film rights up for auction by The Pokémon Company. }}
According to a report posted on {{wp|The Hollywood Reporter}}, {{bp|The Pokémon Company}} is planning an auction for the ''Pokémon'' movie rights, which has led to a massive bidding war between several film studios.
According to the report, American film studios {{wp|Warner Bros.}} Entertainment and {{wp|Sony Pictures Entertainment}} have expressed interest in possessing the film rights. However, the report mentions that another potential bidder, productionfilm studiofinancing firm {{wp|Legendary EntertainmentPictures}}, may come out as the potential victor of the bidding war, despite a representative for Legendary declining talks of an offer being put on the table.
Legendary Entertainment's resumefilmography includes box office blockbusters like ''{{wp|300 (film)|300}}'', ''{{wp|The Dark Knight Trilogy}}'', ''{{wp|Pacific Rim}}'', and the 2014 reboot of ''{{wp|Godzilla (2014 film)|Godzilla}}''. Last year, Legendary scored big with the box office behemoth ''{{wp|Jurassic World}}'' withand the critically-acclaimed drama biopic ''{{wp|Straight Outta Compton (film)|Straight Outta Compton}}'' at {{wp|Universal Studios}}, who currently has a five -year motion picture financing/distribution agreement with Legendary beginning in 2014.
WarnerHowever, Bros.Legendary's hadposition previouslyin helpedthe releasebidding war isn't without controversy. In January 2016, the firstfirm threewas [ bought] by Chinese conglomerate Wanda Group for $3.5 billion. This could pose problems as ''Pokémon'' moviesis baseda offJapanese theproperty, animeand inJapan theand China have had deep-rooted social tensions Unitedfor Statescenturies.
Both Warner Bros. had previously helped release {{bp|M01|the}} {{bp|M02|first}} {{bp|M03|three}} ''Pokémon'' movies based off the anime in the United States and Sonyother territories outside Japan, despite having no involvement declinedin totheir commentproduction.
Rumors of Sony Pictures being interested in the ''Pokémon''This isproperty ahave developingcirculated storysince April 2015, when [ leaked e-mail discussions from studio executives] revealed interest by the studio in making films based off {{wp|Nintendo}} properties, including ''Pokémon''.
All three bidding parties declined to comment.