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According to a report posted on {{wp|The Hollywood Reporter}}, {{bp|The Pokémon Company}} is planning an auction for the ''Pokémon'' movie rights, which has led to a massive bidding war between several film studios.
According to the report, American film studios {{WP|Warner Bros.}} Entertainment and {{wp|Sony Pictures Entertainment}} have expressed interest in possessing the film rights. However, the report mentions that another potential bidder, productionfilm studiofinancing firm {{wp|Legendary EntertainmentPictures}}, may come out as the potential victor of the bidding war, despite a representative for Legendary declining talks of an offer being put on the table.
Legendary Entertainment's resumefilmography includes box office blockbusters like ''{{wp|300 (film)|300}}'', ''{{WP|The Dark Knight Trilogy}}'', ''{{WP|Pacific Rim}}'', and the 2014 reboot of ''{{Wp|Godzilla (2014 film)|Godzilla}}''. Last year, Legendary scored big with the box office behemoth ''{{wp|Jurassic World}}'' with Universal, who currently has a five year motion picture agreement with Legendary beginning 2014.
Warner Bros. had previously helped release {{bp|M01|the}} {{bp|M02|first}} {{bp|M03|three}} ''Pokémon'' movies based off the anime in the United States.
Both Warner Bros. and Sony declined to comment.
''This is a developing story''. More information may follow.