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found out that the 't' of 'the' should not be capitalized in the case of 'the Netherlands'
Darkrai codes are available at various locations throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand starting today.
The codes are available starting May 1 in the United Kingdom, Australian, New Zealand, Italy, Belgium, Thethe Netherlands and Spain. They will be available starting May 2 in France, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. They will be available starting May 12 in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. See [[#Locations and dates|the table below]] for details on each country.
This Darkrai is level 100 and knows the moves {{m4|Dark Void|Ominous Wind|Nightmare|Feint Attack}}. It holds an {{bp|Enigma Berry}} and has a {{bp|Classic Ribbon}}. It has the {{bp|original Trainer}} GF and the {{bp|Trainer ID number}} 05016.
| [ May 1 to 24, 2016]
|- style="background: #fff"
| Thethe Netherlands
| Nintendo Zones at{{wp|Game Mania}} stores
| [ May 1 to 24, 2016]