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To commemorate the transition of the {{bp|Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter (Adventures)|''Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire'' chapter}} from Club Sunday to Sunday Webry, online access to each volume of the {{bp|Ruby & Sapphire chapter (Adventures)|''Ruby & Sapphire'' chapter}} is available in Japanese, with each new volume available with each day, starting with {{bp|Pokémon Adventures volume 15|volume 15}} on August 4, but not including {{bp|PS180}}, and ending with {{bp|Pokémon Adventures volume 22|volume 22}} on August 11. It presumably will not include the rounds after {{bp|PS266}}.
TheVirtual copies of the ''Ruby & Sapphire'' and ''Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire'' chapters are available for purchase for online access as well.