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tagline=Co-writer of ''Guardians of the Galaxy'' and creator of ''Gravity Falls'' in talks for screenplay |
blurb=Variety's Justin Kroll reports that Legendary and Universal may have their scriptwriters for the upcoming ''Detective Pikachu'' movie. }}
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Justin Kroll, a reporter for Variety magazine, has reported that {{wp|Alex Hirsch}} and {{wp|Nicole Perlman}} are in talks to write the screenplay for the upcoming ''{{bp|Detective Pikachu}}'' film.

The report came after film was [[Legendary Pictures to produce Detective Pikachu movie|announced]] in July by {{wp|Legendary Pictures}} and {{wp|Universal Studios}} following several months of negotiations. Around that time, {{wp|Max Landis}}, writer of {{wp|20th Century Fox|Fox}}'s ''{{wp|Chronicle (film)|Chronicle}}'', was rumored to write the screenplay, but Landis has since denied the rumors following the announcement.

Nicole Perlman first gained prominence as co-writer for {{wp|Marvel Studios}}' ''{{wp|Guardians of the Galaxy (film)|Guardians of the Galaxy}}'', based off the {{wp|Marvel Comics|Marvel}} comic series of the same name. She is also currently penning the script for Marvel's ''{{wp|Captain Marvel (film)|Captain Marvel}}''.

Alex Hirsch is best remembered as the creator of ''{{wp|Gravity Falls}}'', a cartoon on {{wp|Disney Channel}} and later {{wp|Disney XD}} that gained a large fan following since its premiere in June 2012. The fanbase of that series continues to live on despite the series being concluding in February 2016.

The film is set to begin production next year. No comment was made by any of the writers or studio(s).