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Justin Kroll, a reporter for Variety magazine, has reported that {{wp|Alex Hirsch}} and {{wp|Nicole Perlman}} are in talks to write the screenplay for the upcoming ''{{bp|Detective Pikachu}}'' film.
The report came after film was [[Legendary Pictures to produce Detective Pikachu movie|announced]] in July by {{wp|Legendary Pictures}} and {{wp|Universal Studios}} following several months of negotiations. Around that time, {{wp|Max Landis}}, writer of {{wp|20th Century Fox|Fox}}'s ''{{wp|Chronicle (film)|Chronicle}}'', was rumored to write the screenplay, but Landis has since [ denied the rumors] following the announcement.
Nicole Perlman first gained prominence as co-writer for {{wp|Marvel Studios}}' ''{{wp|Guardians of the Galaxy (film)|Guardians of the Galaxy}}'', based off the {{wp|Marvel Comics|Marvel}} comic series of the same name. She is also currently penning the script for Marvel's ''{{wp|Captain Marvel (film)|Captain Marvel}}''.