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Pokémon GO update introduces Pokémon Appraisal

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A new patch is available for Pokémon GO that introduces Pokémon Appraisal. This patch is labelled 0.35.0 in the app and 1.5.0 on the {{wp|App Store (iOS)|iOS App Store}}.
Pokémon Appraisal allows players that are on a team to get approximate evaluations of their Pokémon's {{bp|Individual values|IVs}}, similar to the {{bp|stat judge}} in the {{bp|core series}} games. Pokémon Appraisal can be accessed from the menu button on the Pokémon status screen. Pokémon Appraisal is done by the player's team leader, and the specific wording of the appraisal varies between them (although the information conveyed is the same). If the Pokémon has a {{bp|List of Pokémon by height|height}} or {{bp|List of Pokémon by weight|weight}} that differs significantly from the average, it will also be commented on during the Pokémon Appraisal.
Additionally, Pokémon that are ejected from {{OBP|Gym|GO}}s now return fainted instead of at 1 HP. This has been applied server-side, so will occur regardless of whether or not the patch has been downloaded.