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blurb=Digital Japanese Black & White Volumes available for free onfrom October 5th5-13. }}
[[File:Pokémon_Adventures_JP_volume_43Pokémon Adventures JP volume 43.png|thumb|200px|right|Japanese cover of the 43rd volume of the Pokémon Adventures manga]]
To commemorate the reboot of the {{bp|Black 2 & White 2 chapter (Adventures)|''Black 2 and& White 2'' chapters}} on Sunday Webry, free online access to each volume of the {{bp|Black & White chapter (Adventures)|''Black and& White'' chapter}} is available in Japanese for a limited time. A new volume will be available with each day, starting with {{bp|Pokémon Adventures volume 43|Volume 43}} on October 5th and ending with {{bp|Pokémon Adventures volume 51|Volume 51}} on October 13.
Digital copies of {{bp|Pokémon Adventures volume 52|Volume 52}} are available for purchase in Japanese as well.