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picture=New Nintendo 3DS Logo.png |
caption=Logo for the New Nintendo 3DS |
weekday=Tuesday |
day=8 |
month=11 |
year=2016 |
time=19:11:50 |
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sourcename=Nintendo of America Twitter |
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tagline=Both colors to be available for $99.99 |
blurb=The New Nintendo 3DS is going to be released in Black in North America this Black Friday, joining its White counterpart. Both colors will be available for #99.99. }}

[[File:New Nintendo 3DS Black.png|200px|right|thumb|The New Nintendo 3DS in Black.]]Nintendo of America has announced on Twitter that they are going to release the {{bp|New Nintendo 3DS}} in black this Black Friday, and it will be joining the system in White as a color option. Both colors will be available for $99.99 while supplies last.