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Rob Letterman to direct Detective Pikachu movie

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Deadline Hollywood has reported that the ''Detective Pikachu'' movie has found its director.

Rob Letterman, a former employee at DreamWorks Animation, has signed on to direct the film about "a new character and storyline in the Pokémon universe."

Letterman's past credits during his time at DreamWorks include co-writing and co-directing 2004's ''Shark Tale'' and 2009's ''Monsters vs. Aliens''. More recently , he directed ''Goosebumps'' for Columbia Pictures, and is currently set to direct that movie's sequel as well as a reboot of the ''Dungeons and Dragons'' film series.

The movie, to be scripted by Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch, is being produced by Legendary Pictures and distributed by Universal Studios worldwide except Japan, where Toho will handle distribution.

Production is set to begin next year.