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Rob Letterman to direct Detective Pikachu movie

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Deadline Hollywood has reported that the ''{{bp|Detective Pikachu}}'' movie has found its director.
{{wp|Rob Letterman}}, a former employee at {{wp|DreamWorks Animation}}, has signed on to direct the film about "a new character and storyline in the Pokémon universe."
Letterman's past credits during his time at DreamWorks include co-writing and co-directing 2004's ''{{wp|Shark Tale}}'' and 2009's ''{{wp|Monsters vs. Aliens}}''. More recently, he directed ''{{wp|Goosebumps (film)|Goosebumps}}'' for {{wp|Columbia Pictures}}, and is currently set to direct that movie's sequel as well as a reboot of the ''{{wp|Dungeons and Dragons}}'' film series.