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[[File:2017 International Challenge February logo.png|thumb|2017 International Challenge - February logo]]
The 2017 International Challenge - February tournament has been announced. Players can register between midnight UTC on Feb. 16 and 11:59 p.m. UTC on Feb. 23. The tournament will run from midnight UTC on Feb. 24 until 11:59 p.m. UTC on Feb. 26. The rankings will be announced some time in March. There are 50,000 spots available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Players born in 2002 or later will be in the Junior/Senior Division. Players born in 2001 or earlier will be in the Master Division. Junior/Senior Division players may only battle between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. local time.
AllPlayers participantscan willregister receivebetween amidnight {{bp|Mawilite}}UTC andon aFeb. {{bp|Beedrillite}}16 ifand they11:59 winp.m. orUTC loseon atFeb. least three battles23. ThisThe tournament will userun thefrom officialmidnight [ VGC2017on rules]Feb. Pokémon24 mustuntil be11:59 inp.m. the Alolan Pokédex and have a cross symbolUTC on the summary screenFeb. {{p|Zygarde}}, {{p|Cosmog}}, {{p|Cosmoem}}, {{p|Solgaleo}}, {{p|Lunala}}, {{p|Necrozma}}, and {{p|Magearna}} cannot be used26. The Alolanrankings form of the Kanto Pokémon mustwill be used.announced {{bp|Megasome Stones}}time willin not be allowedMarch. AllThere Pokémon will be automatically set to levelare 50.,000 Eachspots battleavailable will laston a maximumfirst-come, offirst-serve 10 minutesbasis. Players willborn havein 902002 secondsor tolater decidewill whatbe Pokémon to use. The Pokémon Global Link mentions thatin the turnJunior/Senior timerDivision. isPlayers 60born secondsin and2001 onlyor four Pokémonearlier will be used ofin the sixMaster for battleDivision. ItJunior/Senior mayDivision beplayers anmay error. Participants mayonly battle 15between times6 a.m. dayand for11 ap.m. maximumlocal of 45 battlestime.
All participants will receive a {{bp|Mawilite}} and a {{bp|Beedrillite}} if they win or lose at least three battles. This tournament will use the official [ VGC2017 rules]. Pokémon must be in the Alolan Pokédex and have the black clover on the summary screen. {{p|Zygarde}}, {{p|Cosmog}}, {{p|Cosmoem}}, {{p|Solgaleo}}, {{p|Lunala}}, {{p|Necrozma}}, and {{p|Magearna}} cannot be used. Only the Alola Form of Pokémon with {{bp|regional variant}}s can be used. {{bp|Mega Stones}} will not be allowed. All Pokémon will be automatically set to level 50. Each battle will last a maximum of 10 minutes. Players will have 90 seconds to decide what Pokémon to use. (The Pokémon Global Link mentions that the turn timer is 60 seconds and only four Pokémon will be used of the six for battle, but this may be an error.) Participants may battle 15 times a day for a maximum of 45 battles.