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Bulbagarden has announced a site-wide staff recruitment drive for 2017, which will run for two weeks until '''Aug. 25'''. The interested users can apply for Bulbanews Translator, Bulbanews Writer, Staff Artist, and Social Media Contributor. In addition, we have several openings available for moderators throughout Bulbagarden forums.

The applicants are require to fill out a questionnaire provided in the [ announcement thread]. After you are done, submit it as a new thread in the [ Bulbagarden Staff Drive 2017] section. For the thread's title, you must include the section or role that you are applying for first, followed by your username.

For example:

* Title: Outside the Box - Dig
* Title: Social Media - Enzap
* Title: Bulbanews Writer - Adil

Please keep in mind that your thread will only be accessible to staff. Furthermore, there is no limit to how many positions you can apply for, but you will not necessarily get all of the positions if you're successful for one. Good luck!

==[[File:Bulbagarden logo.png|36px]] Bulbagarden==
===Social Media Contributor===
As a Social Media Contributor, the following responsibilities are to be fulfilled:

* Collaborating with Social Media Editors to create content that will be posted to the various social media accounts.
* Supporting the Social Media Editors with brainstorming and writing for projects or other tasks that come up.
* Writing for and potentially editing videos for the YouTube channel.
* Helping with other staff-related projects outside of social media (if you are available to do so).

You may be writing or working for different Bulbagarden social media platforms, which include:
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Tumblr
* YouTube

===Staff Artist===
Bulbagarden is also looking for new Staff Artists that can do one or more of the following for the forums and social media channels:
* Make Pokémon related art
* Make graphic art (e.g. banners, image manipulations, etc.)
* Make forum skins

==[[File:Bulbanews bulb.png|36px]] Bulbanews==
Writers are the heart and soul of Bulbanews staff. They are responsible for writing and publishing news articles in a timely manner. The news stories to be written will be coordinated via Discord.

Translators are responsible for assisting writers in writing articles based on Japanese sources. This typically involves finding and translating relevant information from provided Japanese language articles. Content to be translated will be coordinated via Discord.

==[[File:BMGf logo.png|36px]] Bulbagarden forums==
In general, your job as a moderator will consist of:
* Viewing threads in your section and reporting problematic posts for staff discussion
* Discussing and acting on reports from your own section through PMs, warnings, or other appropriate methods
* Managing your section by performing tasks such as deleting posts, moving threads, and banning spambots
* Brainstorming ideas to increase traffic, activity, and quality discussion in your section
* Engaging with users and responding to questions when you feel comfortable doing so
* Participating in discussion about other sections, the forums as a whole, and off-forum projects with all other Bulbagarden staff members
* Any other section-specific tasks listed in the applications below

Currently, we are looking for moderators in the following sections:
* Pokémon Video Games and Current Event: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
* Current Event: Pokémon GO
* Pokémon Anime and Manga
* Pokémon TCG & Collectibles
* General Pokémon Discussion
* Writer's Workshop
* Art Gallery
* Roleplaying Games
* Fun and Games and The War Room
* Entertainment Inc. and Video Games and Technology
* Outside the Box

* [ Bulbagarden - Announcement thread]
* [ Bulbagarden - Application submission thread]