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Bulbagarden staff drive 2017 underway

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Bulbagarden has announced a site-wide staff recruitment drive for 2017, which will run for two weeks until '''Aug. 25'''. The interested users can apply for Bulbanews Translator, Bulbanews Writer, Staff Artist, and Social Media Contributor. In addition, we have several openings available for moderators throughout Bulbagarden forums.
The applicants are required to fill out a questionnaire provided in the [ announcement thread]. In case if you don't have an account on Bulbagarden forums, then you can sign up for one from [ here]. After you are done with the questionnaire, submit it as a new thread in the [ Bulbagarden Staff Drive 2017] section. For the thread's title, you must include the section or role that you are applying for first, followed by your username.
For example: