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New Ultra Beasts revealed for Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon

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Customers who purchase a digital version of Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon in any region before January 10, 2018 will receive a code to obtain 12 {{bp|Quick Ball}}s in Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. The code expires on November 30, 2018.
The way the player encounters their {{bp|starter Pokémon}} differs from {{bp|Pokémon Sun and Moon}}. There are new areas in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, including a "beach where surfers gather" and a "valley of Pikachu". A {{p|Mantine}} appears in the trailer in a {{bp|Poké Ride|Ride Pokémon}} harness, which indicates it is a new Ride Pokémon in these games. Rockruff's {{bp|List of Pokémon by Alola Pokédex number|Alola Pokédex}} number is now 126, being 103 in Pokémon Sun and Moon.
Additionally, there are new {{bp|clothing}} items available for the player in these games, including the Pikachu Cap.