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Meowth available at Build-a-Bear Workshop

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caption=Meowth teddy at B.A.B.W.Build-a-Bear |
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tagline=Meowth is now available at Build-a-Bear workshop |
blurb=Meowth hasplushes arrivedare now available at Build-a-Bear Workshop. ItThe includesMeowth theplush Meowthcomes teddy,with a Meowth Quickball Hoodie, Meowth Team Rocket Hoodie, 6-in-1 Meowth sound, and a Meowth Pokémon TCGTrading cardCard ofGame Meowthcard. }}
{{p|Meowth}} plushes are now available at {{wp|Build-a-Bear Workshop}}.
{{bp|Meowth}} has arrived at {{wp|Build-a-Bear Workshop}}. The Meowth teddyplush will cost US$60. It includesin the United States. The Meowth teddy,plush comes with a Meowth {{bp|Quick Ball|Quickball}} Hoodie, Meowth {{bp|Team Rocket}} Hoodie, 6-in-1 Meowth sound, and a {{bp|PokémonMeowth Trading(Roaring CardSkies Game67)|Pokémon TCGMeowth}} card of {{bp|MeowthPokémon (RoaringTrading SkiesCard 67)|MeowthGame}} card. ItThis card is from the TCG pack {{bp|Roaring Skies (TCG)|Roaring Skies}} expansion and has a Build-a-Bear logo on the card.
Meowth BABW Team Rocket Hoodie.jpg| Meowth's team rocket hoodie
Meowth BABW Team Rocket and Quickball Hoodie.jpg|Meowth in Team Rocket and Quickball Hoodie (and TCG)
Meowth Roaring Skies.png|Roaring Skies Meowth TCGcard available in the Meowth(without Build-a-Bear Bundlelogo)