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...but what about [[Draft:Sun & Moon series hour-long sneak peek to Encore March 17, on Disney XD|this article]] I've written about the encore presentation on March 17?'''''<font face="Verdana">[[User:LDEJRuff|LDE]][[User talk:LDEJRuff|JRuff]]</font>''''' 04:46, 12 March 2017 (UTC)
:Hello? '''''<font face="Verdana">[[User:LDEJRuff|LDE]][[User talk:LDEJRuff|JRuff]]</font>''''' 19:01, 13 March 2017 (UTC)
== Article pointout ==
You missaid, in [[New Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon trailer reveals new Ultra Beast, Ultra Space travel|this article]] you created today, that UB Assembly would appear in ''Pokémon Ultra Sun''; it actually appears in ''Pokémon Ultra Moon''. Would you please correct this mistake? Thanks.