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New Pokémon social media filters available now

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Press release mentions Snapchat too
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blurb=New Pokémon filters are now available for Snapchat, Facebook and LINE for a limited time. }}
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[[File:New Filters.jpg|thumb|The Facebook filter (left) and LINE filter (right)]]
To promote the release of {{bp|Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}, new Pokémon lenses or filters are now available for {{wp|Snapchat}}, {{wp|Facebook}} and {{wp|Line (software)|LINE}} for a limited time.
UsingIn Facebook'sSnapchat, users can use the new Pokémon Snapchat Lens camerato ondecorate their appface with Pichu's ears, {{bp|Pikachu}}nose, appearsand inpink thecheeks. bottom-rightOpening cornertheir ofmouth thewill phonetrigger screenPichu's voice. WhenIf thea user opensactivates theirthe mouthLens seven times, Pikachu will jump into the screen and doesstrike a pose,. PikachuAn performsadditional itsseven {{bp|Z-Move}}.uses Thisof filterthe Lens will beunlock availablethe forappearance aroundof twoAlolan monthsRaichu.
Using Facebook's camera on their app, {{bp|Pikachu}} appears in the bottom-right corner of the phone screen. When the user opens their mouth and does a pose, Pikachu performs its {{m|Gigavolt Havoc}} {{bp|Z-Move}}. This filter will be available for around two months.
LINE offers two filters for the discerning Pokémon fan. One features Pikachu and Alolan Raichu, and the other features Pikachu, Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. This filter will be available for around a month.
==Press release==
{{quote|In celebration of the launch of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, The Pokémon Company has partnered with Snap Inc. to launch a custom Pokémon Snapchat Lens and Facebook and LINE to launch Pokémon camera filters for a limited time.
Snapchatters and Pokémon fans who animate their selfies with the Lens will first see Pichu’s ears, nose, and pink cheeks decorate their face. Opening their mouth will trigger Pichu’s voice. If a user activates the Lens seven times, Pikachu will jump into the screen and strike a pose. An additional seven uses of the Lens will unlock the appearance of Alolan Raichu.
When Pokémon fans use the Facebook Camera and choose the Pikachu filter, they will first see the iconic Pokémon in the corner of the screen. Then, they can open their mouth to activate Pikachu’s powerful Gigavolt Havoc Z-Move. LINE users can activate the camera function to choose from two Pokémon filters- one with Pikachu and Alolan Raichu and the other with Pikachu, Popplio, Rowlet, and Litten. The filter can be used while talking and chatting in the LINE app.
Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon launches today, November 17, 2017. For more details about the game, please visit|The Pokémon Company International}}