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| style="{{roundybottom|1.5em}}" colspan="4"|''I'm a highflying girl!''
<center>[[File:Spr BW Skyla.png]]<span style="color:#22209F">{{bp|Skyla}} is our queen![[File:581 s.png]]</span>
I’ve been a part of the {{bp|Pokémon|Pokémon fandom}} since around 2010. This is when I grew into Pokémon. The first game I played was {{bp|Pokémon White}}. I lovewatch the {{bp|Pokémon anime|anime}} to deathregularly - I’ve watched nearly episode and I love it even thoughknow it's cringey (yes, even the Porygon episode!). I’ve been using Bulbapedia since 2012 but never made accounts on it. I only recently made accounts when I applied to a be a News Writer for Bulbanews at the end of August 2017. The first article I wrote was about the {{bp|Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}} guidebook. I am still a provisional news writer and I hope to become a full staff member soon!