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{{Lead article|
article=VGCPatch 2018for rulesUltra haveSun, beenUltra updatedMoon forto Ultrabe Sunreleased andthis Ultra Moonmonth |
tagline=TheseFixes updatedIon rulesDeluge, willWide beGuard, applied from 1 January 2018more |
linktarget=VGC_2018_rules_have_been_updated_for_Ultra_Sun_and_Ultra_MoonPatch_for_Ultra_Sun,_Ultra_Moon_to_be_released_this_month |
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picture=VideoPokémon GameUltra ChampionshipsSun Ultra Moon logo.png |
caption=The Pokémon VideoUltra Sun and GameUltra ChampionshipsMoon logo |
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sourcename=Play!Official Japanese Pokémon PDF VGC Rules and Formats documentsite |
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blurb=UpdatedThe VGCfirst 2018 rulespatch for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon havewill announcedbe byreleased Play!later Pokémonthis month. ThereThis havepatch beenfixes severala revisionsnumber toof the rulesbugs, whichincluding willbugs comeaffecting intoIon effectDeluge and inWide 2018Guard.
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{{Lead article|
article='IVGC Choose2018 You!'rules tohave getbeen Northupdated Americanfor homeUltra videoSun releaseand inUltra FebruaryMoon |
tagline=AvailableThese onupdated Feb.rules 13will be applied from 1 January 2018 |
linktarget='I_Choose_You!'_to_get_North_American_home_video_release_in_FebruaryVGC_2018_rules_have_been_updated_for_Ultra_Sun_and_Ultra_Moon |
pictype=thumb |
picture=M20Video logoGame engChampionships logo.png |
caption=PokémonThe thePokémon Movie:Video IGame ChooseChampionships You!logo |
weekday=Saturday |
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discusslink=248303248310 |
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sourcename=Play! Pokémon PDF VGC Rules and Formats document |
sourcelink= |
blurb=TheUpdated NorthVGC American2018 homerules videofor releaseUltra forSun theand 20thUltra Moon have announced by Play! Pokémon. movieThere hashave been announcedseveral forrevisions to the rules, which will come into effect Februaryin 2018.
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; [[Ash'sI CharizardChoose You!' to beget availableNorth forAmerican Koreanhome regionvideo playersrelease in February]]: DistributedAvailable viaon infrared at Jamsil Pokémon Pop-up Store from DecFeb. 15 to 2513
; [[Sorrel's Lucario available for Korean players]]: Distributed via serial code to Jan. 31, 2018
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==News in brief==
; [[Ash's Charizard to be available for Korean region players]]: Distributed via infrared at Jamsil Pokémon Pop-up Store from Dec. 15 to 25
; [[Sorrel's Lucario available for Korean players]]: Distributed via serial code to Jan. 31, 2018
; [[Ryan Reynolds cast as title role in Detective Pikachu]]: To provide voice, motion capture
; [[Generation III Pokémon, weather coming to Pokémon GO]]: To be available this week