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! '''ESCParth'''
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<center>[[File:Spr B2W2 Skyla.png]]<span style="color:#22209F">{{bp|Skyla}} is our queen![[File:581.png]]</span>
! <span style="font-family:URW Gothic L; font-size: 250%"> '''ESCParth''' </span>
<span style="color:#982020">All the articles I've written for Bulbanews are found </span>[[:Category:Articles by Escparth|<span style="color:#982020">'''here!'''</span>]]
<center>[[File:Spr B2W2 Skyla.png]] {{bp|Skyla|<span style="color:#22209F0645AD">{{bp|Skyla</span>}} <span style="color:#0645AD">is our queen! </span> [[File:581.png]]</span>
<span style="color:#982020000000">All the articles I've written for Bulbanews are found </span>[[:Category:Articles by Escparth|<span style="color:#982020000000">'''here!'''</span>]]
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| My anime queens! ♥
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|<span style="font-family:URW Gothic L; font-size: 150%"> '''♥ My anime queens! ♥''' </span>
| [[File:Spr B2W2 Clair.png]] [[File:Spr 5b 148.png]] [[File:Spr B2W2 Gardenia.png]] [[File:Spr 5b 387.png]] [[File:Spr B2W2 Fantina.png]] [[File:Spr 5b 426.png]] [[File:Spr B2W2 Wallace.png]] [[File:Spr 5b 350 f.png]]
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| [[File:Spr B2W2 CandiceClair.png]] [[File:Spr 5bB2W2 460 mGardenia.png]] [[File:Spr B2W2 ElesaFantina.png]] [[File:Spr 5bB2W2 523Wallace.png]] [[File:Spr EB2W2 LucyCandice.png]] [[File:Spr 5bB2W2 336Elesa.png]] [[File:DP Dawn intro.png|40px]] [[File:Spr 5bE 393Lucy.png]]
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| [[File:SprDP EDawn Anabelintro.png|40px]] [[File:Spr 5bE 196Anabel.png]] [[File:Spr FRLG Agatha.png]] [[File:Spr 5b 094 s.png]] [[File:Spr E Tucker.png]] [[File:Spr 5bB2W2 059Sabrina.png]] [[File:Spr B2W2 SabrinaCynthia.png]] [[File:SprSun 5bMoon 064 fLana.png|60px]]
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| [[File:Spr B2W2 Cynthia.png]] [[File:Spr 5b 445 f s.png]] [[File:Sun Moon Lana.png|60px]] [[File:728Popplio.png|60px]] [[File:EP248 Team Rocket Disguises 2.png|100px]] [[File:EP057.png|100px]]