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article=21stPikachu PokémonEdition movieNew announcedNintendo 2DS XL to be released in Europe, Australia |
tagline=JapaneseTo theatricalbe releasereleased arrivingJan. July 1326 |
linktarget=21st_Pokémon_movie_announcedPikachu_Edition_New_Nintendo_2DS_XL_to_be_released_in_Europe,_Australia |
pictype=thumb |
picture=M21Pikachu teaserEdition posterNew Nintendo 2DS XL.png |
caption=TeaserAustralian posterbox |
weekday=SundayFriday |
day=1015 |
month=12 |
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blurb=The 21stPikachu PokémonEdition movieNew hasNintendo been2DS officiallyXL announcedwill be released in Europe and Australia on ''OhaJanuary 26, Suta''2018.
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{{Lead article|
article=PatchPokémon for Ultra Sun, Ultra MoonCrystal to be released thison 3DS Virtual monthConsole |
tagline=FixesTo Ionbe Deluge,released WideJan. Guard, more26 |
linktarget=Patch_for_Ultra_Sun,_Ultra_Moon_to_be_released_this_monthPokémon_Crystal_to_be_released_on_3DS_Virtual_Console |
pictype=thumb |
picture=PokémonCrystal UltraEU SunVC Ultra Moon logoboxart.png |
caption=PokémonEuropean Ultrabox Sun and Ultra Moon logoart |
weekday=SundayFriday |
day=1015 |
month=12 |
year=2017 |
discusslink= |
sourcetype=othersite |
sourcename=Official Japanese Pokémon site |
sourcelink=http |
blurb=The first patch for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra MoonCrystal will be released lateron thisNintendo month.3DS ThisVirtual patchConsole fixeson aJanuary number26, of2018 bugs,in includingNorth bugsAmerica, affectingEurope, Ion DelugeAustralia, and Wide GuardJapan.
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==Older articles==
* December 7: [[Generation III Pokémon, weather coming to Pokémon GO]]
* December 7: [[Ryan Reynolds cast as title role in Detective Pikachu]]
* November 28: [[Johto x Alola Competition announced]]
* November 28: [[Ho-Oh available in Pokémon GO until Dec. 12]]
* November 3: [[Major Pokémon Tournaments to be held in Italy, Germany]]
* November 2: [[Team Rainbow Rocket to appear in Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon]]
* October 26: [[English Pokémon Horizon volume 1 release date announced]]
* October 23: [[Magikarp Jump available on Amazon Fire]]
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==News in brief==
; [[21st Pokémon movie announced]]: Japanese theatrical release arriving July 13
; [[Patch for Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon to be released this month]]: Fixes Ion Deluge, Wide Guard, more
; [[VGC 2018 rules have been updated for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon]]: These updated rules will be applied from 1 January 2018
; [['I Choose You!' to get North American home video release in February]]: Available on Feb. 13
; [[Ash's Charizard to be available for Korean region players]]: Distributed via infrared at Jamsil Pokémon Pop-up Store from Dec. 15 to 25
; [[Sorrel's Lucario available for Korean players]]: Distributed via serial code to Jan. 31, 2018
; [[Ryan Reynolds cast as title role in Detective Pikachu]]: To provide voice, motion capture
; [[Generation III Pokémon, weather coming to Pokémon GO]]: To be available this week
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==Developing stories==
; December 12&#58; [[Draft:More Detective Pikachu information|More Detective Pikachu information]]