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A Legendary Pokémon year announced for 2018

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[[File:Legendary_Pokemon_Logo.png|thumb|Legendary Pokemon Logo]]
The event will distribute Legendary Pokémon, house special {{bp| Pokémon Trading Card Game}} sets and will air movies associated with the Legendary Pokémon on the Pokémon Tv App, as well as events across apps {{bp|Pokémon Go}}, and {{bp|Pokémon Shuffle}}. The event is a "thank you to all the fans that have committed so passionately to the franchise over the years." according to J.C. Smith, Senior Director of Marketing for Pokémon Company International. One part of the event is Video Game Distributions and are as follows
Feb.: The Steel-Dragon Pokemon {{p|Dialga}}, the second The Water-Dragon Pokemon {{p|Palkia}} From {{bp|Sinnoh}}