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A Legendary Pokémon year announced for 2018

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publishertagline=EscparthTo feature Legendary Pokémon distribution |
publisherlinkblurb=User:EscparthOn |Jan. 18th, 2018 London, UK announced its Legendary year of Pokémon. The event will distribute Legendary Pokémon, release special Pokémon TCG products featuring Legendary Pokémon, will air movies associated with the Legendary Pokémon on the Pokémon TV app, as well as events across apps Pokémon Go, and Shuffle. }}
tagline=To feature Legendary Pokémon Distribution in SM and USUM |
blurb=ON The event will distribute Legendary Pokémon, house special TCG sets and will air movies associated with the Legendary Pokémon on Pokémon TV, as well as events in Pokémon GO and Shuffle. }}
[[File:Legendary_Pokemon_Logo.png|thumb|Legendary PokémonPokemon Logo]]
The event will distribute {{bp|Legendary Pokémon}}, house special {{bp|Pokémon Trading Card Game}} sets and will air movies associated with the Legendary Pokémon on {{bp|Pokémon TV}}, as well as events across {{bp|Pokémon GO}} and {{bp|Pokémon Shuffle}}.
{{quote|The event iswill adistribute "thank{{bp|Legendary youPokémon}} tobetween allFeb. and Nov. for the fans{{bp|Pokémon thatSun haveand committedMoon}} soand passionately{{bp|Pokémon toUltra theSun franchiseand overUltra theMoon}} yearsgames." There will be new {{bp|Pokémon JTrading Card Game}} products featuring Legendary Pokémon, which will include new collections and GX cards.C More details will be announced as the products come closer to release date. Smith,The SeniorPokémon DirectorTV ofapp Marketingwill forair movies associated with the Legendary Pokémon. CompanyThere Internationalwill also be special Legendary Pokémon events for {{bp|Pokémon Go}}. {{bp|Pokémon Shuffle}} will have two new event stages with {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}} which will be available from Feb. 6 until Feb. 13.
One part of the event is Legendary Pokémon Distribution and are as follows
*Februrary: {{bpquote|Dialga}}The orevent {{bp|Palkia}}is froma "thank you to all the {{bpfans that have committed so passionately to the franchise over the years."|Sinnoh}} regionJ.C. AvailableSmith, fromSenior yourDirector localof Marketing for Pokémon codeCompany storeInternational.}}
*March: {{bp|Regigigas}} or {{bp|Heatran}} Pokémon from the Sinnoh region.
*April: {{bp|Raikou}} or {{bp|Entei}} from the {{bp|Johto}} region.
*May: {{bp|Xerneas}} or {{bp|Yveltal}} from the {{bp|Kalos}} region.
*June: A '''shiny''' {{bp|Zygarde}} from the Kalos region.
*July: {{bp|Tornadus}} or {{bp|Thundurus}} from the {{bp|Unova}} region.
*August: {{bp|Groudon}} or {{bp|Kyogre}} from the {{bp|Hoenn}} region.
*September: {{bp|Latios}} or {{bp|Latias}} from the Hoenn region.
*October: {{bp|Reshiram}} or {{bp|Zekrom}} from the Unova Region.
*November: {{bp|Ho-Oh}} or {{bp|Lugia}} from the Johto region.
Players of the {{bp|Trading Card Game}} can expect a wide range of Legendary Pokémon tie-ins, new collections, {{bp|Pokémon-GX (TCG)|GX Cards}}, and more. The Pokémon Company International will reveal more information closer to each items retail launch.
Players of {{bp|Pokémon GO}} and {{bp|Pokémon Shuffle}} will also be able to participate in legendary year distributions. In Shuffle, special and expert stages will feature legendary Pokémon, and {{bp|Dialga}} and {{bp|Palkia}} will be available to play from February 6 to 13, 2018.
Pokémon GO players can expect to see special promotions featuring ==Legendary Pokémon in 2018 with details to comedistributions soon.dates==
Finally,* theFeb.: PokémonDialga TVor App will feature special movies that feature the legendary Pokémon each month. ForPalkia example,from {{bp|M10|Pokémon:Sinnoh}}. Thethe Risefirst ofdistribution Darkrai}}will whichbe featuresavailable Dialgain andthe PalkiaUK willat beGame shownstores and in FebruaryIreland 2018at GameStop.
* Mar: {{p|Regigigas}} or {{p|Heatran}} from Sinnoh
* April {{p|Raikou}} or {{p|Entei}} from {{bp|Johto}}
* May {{p|Xerneas}} or {{p|Yveltal}} from {{bp|Kalos}}
* June {{p|Zygarde}} from the Kalos and {{bp|Alola}}
* July {{p|Tornadus}} or {{p|Thundurus}} from {{bp|Unova}}
* Aug. {{p|Groudon}} or {{p|Kyogre}} from {{bp|Hoenn}}
* Sept. {{p|Latios}} or {{p|Latias}} from Hoenn
* Oct. {{p|Reshiram}} or {{p|Zekrom}} from Unova
* Nov {{p|Ho-Oh}} or {{p|Lugia}} from Johto