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A Legendary Pokémon year announced for 2018

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==Legendary Pokémon distribution dates==
* Feb.: Dialga or Palkia from {{bp|Sinnoh}}. the first distribution will be available in the UK at GameGAME stores and in Ireland at GameStop.
* Mar.: {{p|Regigigas}} or {{p|Heatran}} from Sinnoh
* April: {{p|Raikou}} or {{p|Entei}} from {{bp|Johto}}
* May: {{p|Xerneas}} or {{p|Yveltal}} from {{bp|Kalos}}
* June: {{p|Zygarde}} from the Kalos and {{bp|Alola}}
* July: {{p|Tornadus}} or {{p|Thundurus}} from {{bp|Unova}}
* Aug.: {{p|Groudon}} or {{p|Kyogre}} from {{bp|Hoenn}}
* Sept.: {{p|Latios}} or {{p|Latias}} from Hoenn
* Oct.: {{p|Reshiram}} or {{p|Zekrom}} from Unova
* Nov.: {{p|Ho-Oh}} or {{p|Lugia}} from Johto