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A Legendary Pokémon year announced for 2018

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blurb=On Jan. 18th, 2018 London, UK announced its Legendary year of Pokémon. The event will distribute Legendary Pokémon, release special Pokémon TCG products featuring Legendary Pokémon, will air movies associated with the Legendary Pokémon on the Pokémon TV app, as well as events across apps Pokémon GO, and Pokémon Shuffle. }}
[[File:Legendary_Pokemon_LogoLegendary Pokemon Logo.png|thumb|Legendary Pokémon Logologo]]
The Pokémon Company International will promote Legendary Pokémon throughout 2018.
The event will distributeDifferent {{bp|Legendary Pokémon}} betweenwill anddistributed Nov.each month from February to November for the games {{bp|Pokémon Sun and Moon}} and {{bp|Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}} games. There will be new {{bp|Pokémon Trading Card Game}} products featuring Legendary Pokémon, which will include new collections and GX cards.; Moremore details will be announced as the products come closer to release date. The Pokémon TV app will air movies associated with the Legendary Pokémon. There will also be special Legendary Pokémon events for {{bp|Pokémon GO}}. {{bp|Pokémon Shuffle}} will have two new event stages with {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}} which will be available from Feb. 6 until Feb. 13.
==Legendary Pokémon by month==
[[File:2018 Legendary Pokemon Distributions artwork.png|thumb|Legendary Pokémon artwork]]
* February - Dialga or Palkia from {{bp|Sinnoh}}
* March - {{p|Regigigas}} or {{p|Heatran}} from Sinnoh
* April - {{p|Raikou}} or {{p|Entei}} from {{bp|Johto}}
* May - {{p|Xerneas}} or {{p|Yveltal}} from {{bp|Kalos}}
* June - {{bp|Shiny Pokémon|Shiny}} {{p|Zygarde}} from Kalos and {{bp|Alola}}
* July - {{p|Tornadus}} or {{p|Thundurus}} from {{bp|Unova}}
* August - {{p|Groudon}} or {{p|Kyogre}} from {{bp|Hoenn}}
* September - {{p|Latios}} or {{p|Latias}} from Hoenn
* October - {{p|Reshiram}} or {{p|Zekrom}} from Unova
* November - {{p|Ho-Oh}} or {{p|Lugia}} from Johto
{{quote|The==Dialga eventand is a "thank you to all the fans that have committed so passionately to the franchise over the years."| J.C. Smith, Senior Director of Marketing for Pokémon Company International.}}Palkia distribution==
Serial codes to obtain Dialga and Palkia in-game will be available from February 2 to 23, 2018. They will be available in the United States, Ireland, Germany, and Italy at GameStop stores; in the United Kingdom an Spain at GAME stores; and in France at [ Micromania] stores. They will also be available in Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Sweden, but not details beyond the month about the distributions have been announced.
Palkia will be distributed for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Ultra Sun, while Dialga will be distributed for Pokémon Moon and Pokémon Ultra Moon.
==LegendaryIn Pokémon distributionSun, dates==Palkia will be level 60, have no held item, and know the moves {{m4|Aura Sphere|Aqua Tail|Spacial Rend|Hydro Pump}}. In Pokémon Moon, Dialga will be level 60, have no held item, and know the moves {{m4|Aura Sphere|Iron Tail|Roar of Time|Flash Cannon}}.
*In Feb.Pokémon - DialgaUltra orSun, Palkia fromwill be level 100, hold a {{bp|SinnohGold Bottle Cap}}., Theand firstknow distributionthe willmoves be{{m4|Spacial availableRend|Aura inSphere|Draco theMeteor|Hydro UnitedPump}}. StatesIn andPokémon IrelandUltra atMoon, GameStopDialga storeswill be level 100, hold a Gold Bottle Cap, and inknow the Unitedmoves Kingdom{{m4|Roar atof GAMETime|Aura stores.Sphere|Draco Meteor|Flash Cannon}}.
* Mar. - {{p|Regigigas}} or {{p|Heatran}} from Sinnoh
*In Aprilall -versions, {{p|Raikou}}Dialga orand {{p|Entei}}Palkia will both have their standard fromAbility, {{bpa|JohtoPressure}}.
* May - {{p|Xerneas}} or {{p|Yveltal}} from {{bp|Kalos}}
* June - {{bp|Shiny Pokémon|Shiny}} {{p|Zygarde}} from the Kalos and {{bp|Alola}}
* July - {{p|Tornadus}} or {{p|Thundurus}} from {{bp|Unova}}
* Aug. - {{p|Groudon}} or {{p|Kyogre}} from {{bp|Hoenn}}
* Sept. - {{p|Latios}} or {{p|Latias}} from Hoenn
* Oct. - {{p|Reshiram}} or {{p|Zekrom}} from Unova
* Nov. - {{p|Ho-Oh}} or {{p|Lugia}} from Johto