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Amazon announces Pokémon streaming channel

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blurb=Amazon has launched a subscription-based channel for Pokémon content. It will feature seasons 2-5 and 10-16 of the series and 4 movies. This is available for Amazon Prime members for a monthly subscription fee of US$2.99. }}

[[File:Amazon Video.png|thumb|Amazon Video Logo]]
{{wp|Amazon}} Prime Video has launched a new {{wp|Subscription business model|subscription}}-based channel for {{bp|Pokémon}} content. This new channel will feature seasons 2–5 and 10–16 of {{bp|Pokémon anime|Pokémon the Series}}, plus four {{bp|Pokémon movie|Pokémon movies}}. The movie selection will be regularly rotated. This Pokémon channel will be available to Amazon Prime members for a monthly subscription fee of US2.99.

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