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article=ShinyDragonite Poipolecan tonow belearn distributedDraco in JapanMeteor |
tagline=MarchLearnt 2nd,when 2018evolving toDragonair Aprilduring 9th,Pokémon 2018GO Community Day month |
linktarget=Shiny_Poipole_to_be_distributed_in_JapanDragonite_can_now_learn_Draco_Meteor |
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blurb=CoroCoroPlayers unveiledcan artworkhave showingtheir ShinyDragonite Poipoleknow andDraco Naganadel.Meteor Theyif willthey beevolve distributedtheir inDragonair Japaninto froma MarchDragonite 2ndduring tothis Aprilmonth's 9thPokémon throughGO SerialCommunity codeDay.
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{{Lead article|
article=PokémonShiny GOPoipole honoringto Lunarbe Newdistributed Yearin with Safari Zone eventJapan |
tagline=SafariMarch Zone2nd, event2018 atto theApril Chiayi9th, Lantern Festival2018 |
linktarget=Pokémon_GO_honoring_Lunar_New_Year_with_Safari_Zone_eventShiny_Poipole_to_be_distributed_in_Japan |
pictype=thumb |
picture=ChiayiShiny LanternPoipole FestivalDistribution GO Safari ZoneJapan.jpg |
caption=ChiayiShiny LanternPoipole FestivalEvent Safari Zoneposter |
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blurb=ThereCoroCoro willunveiled beartwork ashowing specialShiny SafariPoipole Zoneand eventNaganadel. atThey thewill Chiayibe Lantern Festivaldistributed in Taiwan,Japan hostedfrom byMarch the2nd localto governmentApril from9th Februarythrough 26 to MarchSerial 3code.
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==Older articles==
* February 10: [[Rayquaza, Plusle, Minun now available in Pokémon GO worldwide]]
* February 7: [[Pokémon Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon updated to v1.2]]
* February 6: [[GO updated on iOS and Android]]
* January 30: [[New Detective Pikachu actors announced]]
* January 30: [[Ultra Sinnoh Classic Wi-Fi tournament announced]]
* January 11: [[Aegislash, Blastoise to be playable in Pokkén Tournament DX]]
* December 10: [[Patch for Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon to be released this month]]
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==News in brief==
; [[MasterPokémon BallGO availablehonoring toLunar redeem]]:New ForYear userswith whoSafari Zone event]]: haveSafari GameZone Syncedevent onat Ultrathe Sun,Chiayi UltraLantern MoonFestival
; [[Rita Ora joins Detective Pikachu cast]]: Her role in the film has been kept secret
; [[Master Ball available to redeem]]: For users who have Game Synced on Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon
; [[2018 North American and World Championships locations revealed]]: To be held in Columbus, Ohio and Nashville, Tennessee
; [[Rayquaza, Plusle, Minun now available in Pokémon GO worldwide]]: New Hoenn Pokémon released on GO